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Select Fiduciary Group LLC
Fee Schedule

As of February 1, 2023

Hourly Ordinary Fees

  • Billed at $350-$550 per hour, depending on facts and circumstances
  • Night (6pm-9am), weekend and holiday rate billed at 1.5 times the established hourly rate
  • Mileage at 65 cents per mile
  • Out-of-area travel (50 miles or more) and out-of-pocket expenses at cost.

Percentage-of-Assets Ordinary Fees

  • 2.00% on the first $500,000 of gross assets and liabilities under administration;
  • 1.75% on the next $500,000 (to $1 million);
  • 1.50% on the next $2 million (to $3 million);
  • 1.00% on the next $2 million (to $5 million);
  • 0.90% on the next $5 million (to $10 million);
  • 0.75% on the next $10 million (to $20 million);
  • 0.60% on the next $10 million (to $30 million); and
  • 0.50% on the next $25 million; negotiable for amounts exceeding $50 million.

Minimum annual fee of $10,000 for each trust and sub-trust.

One-time initial Intake Fee for each trust and sub-trust:

  • $600 on the first $500,000 of gross assets;
  • $750 on the next $2 million; and
  • $750 on each additional $2.5 million or fraction thereof

Distribution Fee per trust/account and each sub-trust/account:

  • 0.25% (25 basis points) on the gross amount of assets and liabilities distributed

One-time Final Outtake Fee for each trust and sub-trust:

  • $1,000 for each trust and sub-trust (the full fee will be charged for any account terminating within the first year)

Extraordinary Fees (non-ordinary and non-recurring activities)

Hourly fees apply, unless noted otherwise

Serving as business entity officer or director: $500 per hour, plus costs and travel

Expert Witness and Business Consulting: $500-$700/hour, plus costs and travel

Property Management and Construction Project Management:

  • 10% of gross rent payable, unless agreed otherwise in writing
  • Minimum annual fee: 2 month’s gross rent payable for each trust and sub-trust
  • Unlawful detainer actions at $3,000/appearance at court hearing
  • Settlement conference or mediation/arbitration hearing: $500/hour for the first 4 hours; $5,000/day for any time in excess of 4 hours/day

Business Interest Merger, Acquisition, Sale, Capital Raise, Recapitalization or Refinance Transactions: 2% of the greater of Fair Market Value or Notional Value

Client acknowledges that SFG may invest significant time and incur substantial expense for document review, budgeting and financial modeling, strategic planning sessions, prospect meetings, beneficiary interviews, mediation/arbitration hearings, settlement conferences, court appearances, investor and lender meetings, travel, mileage and other out-of-pocket expenses and services prior to being appointed. Client agrees that, if appointed, SFG is entitled to those costs and, once appointed, will reimburse itself from the Trust, Estate or Power of Attorney principal, as applicable.

SFG reserves the right to determine classification of services and related fees and expenses as “ordinary” or “extraordinary”. Activities not noted above that SFG deems “extraordinary” will be billed at a method and rate appropriate to the services being provided as agreed to in advance by the parties.

This fee schedule, including any addendum, is subject to change at any time. Hourly rates are billed based on 10ths of each hour. All fee percentages are based on an annual fee and prorated for the period, based on fair market value of assets at the beginning of the period. Fees are charged and collected monthly in arrears to the Trust, Estate or Principal of the Agency. Invoices more than 60 calendar days past due will be charged a late fee of 5% per month on balance due. Agents’ fees and expenses are not included and will be billed separately. If any portion of this Fee Schedule is deemed by a court to be invalid, the remaining portions shall remain enforceable. If, in SFG’s sole discretion, the perceived risks or duties involved in performance of its duties are deemed to have significantly increased or be greater than originally estimated or purported, SFG reserves the right to increase its fees to reflect such difference, with 60 calendar days’ advance notice.