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Conservatorship Services

If you or a loved one become incapacitated and are unable to take care of your personal needs or your finances, and you have not executed a durable power of attorney designating someone as your agent, it may be necessary for someone to file a petition with the probate court seeking conservatorship.  An attorney will be appointed to represent you at the hearing.  If the court, after conducting its own investigation and evaluating the evidence at a hearing, deems you to lack the capacity or competency to exercise sound judgment in making decisions regarding your finances and/or your personal care, they may appoint a conservator to assume control of your affairs granting them the power and authority to make certain decisions specified in their letters of appointment on your behalf.  The court will usually appoint a family member such as a spouse, adult child or sibling to serve as conservator.  However, should you not have a family member that is willing or able to serve as conservator, a professional from Select Fiduciary Group can step in as your conservator and manage your personal and/or financial affairs.

Examples of the types of services that we offer while serving as your conservator include the following:

  • Marshalling and securing all of your assets and changing the vesting on all property and accounts into the name of the conservator for the benefit of you, the conservatee
  • Preparing an inventory of all assets and liabilities and submitting it to the court
  • Making sure that all appropriate insurance coverage is in place to protect all real and personal property
  • Identifying an appropriate living environment so as to maximize your independence while ensuring your safety
  • Monitoring your nutrition and making sure that you have clean and comfortable clothing
  • Arranging for all necessary medical and personal care appropriate to maintain the quality of your life
  • Arranging for all insurance and government benefits that you might be entitled to
  • Preparing a care plan that provides for maintaining all of your physical, psycho-social, recreational and spiritual needs
  • Providing all record keeping and accounting services
  • Investing your assets so as to keep them productive and generating income under the guidelines of the Uniform Prudent Investor Act
  • Coordinating an appropriate team of advisors including legal, tax/accounting and investment
  • Preparing and timely filing all court required accountings and conservatee status reports and attending court hearings as required
  • Timely filing all Federal, State and Gift tax returns
  • Communicating with family members and keeping them involved and informed