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The Premier Private Professional Fiduciary Firm in California

Most of us don’t know we need the services of a private professional fiduciary until we are in crisis.

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In fact, most people, if asked, couldn’t describe what a professional fiduciary does much less why they might need the services of one.  At Select Fiduciary Group, we provide peace of mind.  During your lifetime, we stand ready to step in and fill the void of managing your estate and providing for your personal needs including carrying out your expressed wishes related to health care and housing should you become incapacitated and unable to do so for yourself.  After you die, we serve as trustee of your trust and stand in your place to ensure that it is administered according to your instructions in the trust document.  If you have named a family member as successor trustee of your trust, we are also there to assist or relieve the designated trustee of their responsibilities and obligations should they become overwhelmed or find themselves conflicted in carrying out their dual roles as loving family member and trustee with all of the attendant administrative responsibilities.

At Select Fiduciary Group, we personalize and tailor our services to your specific needs rather than fitting you into a template as is often the case with institutional trustees. Give us the opportunity to serve you and you’ll discover why we’re the premier private professional fiduciary firm in California.

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